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Massive Rots - Rob

Rob Stevenson

Since my first litter in 1985 I have strived to breed Rottweilers that are true to the type that was common to the breed back then, huge fearless dogs that are controlled with ease and safe with your friends but the business when you are under threat, family pets that love children and can stand all the pulling around that they give out without a problem.
The modern rottweilers  seem to get smaller and lack the temperament of the old type hence we have lots of people that have had four or five dogs from us over the last thirty or so years and won’t go anywhere else.
I  bought my first Rottweiler in 1978 not a very good one I must admit but I liked her and she liked me and so the love of the breed began I never bred from that first bitch I was still  learning what made them tick.
The next bitch l got was the real deal 28 inches at the shoulder and would die for me without hesitation she could be switched on and off like a light totally frendly with everyone but once commanded unstoppable except by me of course, once called off she instantly reverted to the frendly pet as if it had never happened. Her sire was the legendary CHESARA DARK CHARLES in my opinion the best ever so realising the quality of what I had I bought an unrelated  male from the same kennel and so the die was cast.

6 Reasons To Choose Your From Rottweiler From Us



Our pups are reared with the freedom of the Countryside in rural Leicestershire. They get plenty of excercise and time to play.



Our pups are bred from parents who come from some of the top working bloodlines in europe



Our pups are bred to be loving family members. They are not bred as show dogs, and we do not participate in any inbreeding.



Our pups are fully vaccinated & vet checked twice. No puppies are seen by anyone until they are 10 weeks old to prevent disease.



Our puppies are fed on a diet of high quality beef, chicken & fish sourced from local suppliers.



In the show world of Rottweilers bitches have a shoulder height of around 23 inches. Our bitches start at 27 inch shoulder height.



Rotweiliers as a breed have been around since the Roman times, and it’s little wonder as they are a great breed of dog.

Extremely loyal and bags of fun, they make excellent guard dogs and great family and are very easy to train.

Part of the working dog group, originally they were used as hearders, and cart pullers, leading to their great size and strength.

For more information visit the Kennel Club page about rottweilers here.

Satisfied Customers

  • We were searching for a quality Rottweiler and a quality breeder for sometime and finally came across Rob & Gillian. They spent time with us answering all our questions and gave us lots of information. They are both truly passionate about the breed. He is a very big Rottie and people always comment on how big and beautiful he looks. I can’t imagine our family without Jeff now. We will never buy another breed and when we do decide to purchase another Rottweiler, we will be heading straight over to Rob & Gillian.

    Nikki Wood
  • I can’t thank you enough as of all the Rottweilers I’ve had, Nelson, Max, Leah, Carla, Onyx and Kane I’ve never been so happy with the size and health of my dogs after listening to you as these two, Rio and Zeus are ENORMOUS! My sincere thanks to you and your wife for everything and I will definitely be back in the future.

    Alan Bishop
  • We have had 3 beautiful  stunning dogs from Rob. All very loyal to the family. They are big strong dogs. The youngest has just turned 1 and is 27inches floor to shoulder and is nearing 8 stone in weight. Still alot of growing to do. Each one has been fast at learning their comands. Rob has always been at the end of the phone with advice when we needed it and has a great wealth of knowledge about the Rottweiler breed all 3 have been excellent with our 5 grandchildren.

    Carol & Garry

Next litter due to leave end of July 2023


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Find out when you could take a puppy home

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