After our house was broken in to in Feb 2018 we decided to purchase a Rottweiler in the hope it would be a great deterrent for the future.


We were searching for a quality Rottweiler and a quality breeder for sometime and finally came across Rob & Gillian.


They spent time with us answering all our questions and gave us lots of information. They are both truly passionate about the breed.


After meeting both healthy and happy parents and all the pups we picked our puppy (Jeffrey) at 11 weeks old and took him straight home.


He is now 10 months old and he is a very fine dog indeed. Not only is he healthy, strong and a very good looking dog he is also fantastic with our young children.


He is a true protector and extremely loyal. Nobody wants to cold call at our house anymore!


He is a very big Rottie and people always comment on how big and beautiful he looks. I can’t imagine our family without Jeff now.


We will never buy another breed and when we do decide to purchase another Rottweiler, we will be heading straight over to Rob & Gillian.

Nikki Wood

We have had 3 beautiful stunning dogs from Rob. All very loyal to the family. They are big strong dogs.


The youngest has just turned 1 and is 27inches floor to shoulder and is nearing 8 stone in weight. Still alot of growing to do. Each one has been fast at learning their comands.


Rob has always been at the end of the phone with advice when we needed it and has a great wealth of knowledge about the Rottweiler breed all 3 have been excellent with our 5 grandchildren.

Carol & Garry

Hiya Rob,


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how the pups are getting on.
They’ve only just turned three and as you know I’ve kept Rottweilers all of my life but this is the first time ever I’ve had them since pups and I have to say it’s been the best experience ever!


When I first saw your online website “Massive Rottweilers” and got in touch you told me I’d have to wait 12 months for them. I was quite prepared to wait as I knew after speaking to you that I’d found a man as passionate about Rottweilers as I am and knew that you were a bona fide breeder who cares about his dogs and isn’t one of those ‘puppy farms’ just in it for the money.


After initially receiving your call saying there was a litter of 4 bitches and 4 dogs born on that day but that I would have to wait 6 weeks to view them that wasn’t a problem and I eventually chose two of the males (brothers) with my dad who thoroughly enjoyed the visit having been a former dog trainer. Although it was difficult to wait another 4 weeks before I could have them, yet again I knew you were doing the right thing by not releasing them from their mother too young due to the separation and anxiety issues that might cause them.


On the day I picked them up I was pleasantly surprised when you said you could microchip them there and then and the advice of feeding them raw meat to build up their size and to get Solivax to condition their coats and feed chicken carcass for much needed calcium for the bones, I now have 2 dogs who are to the shoulder size 31” and 30” as opposed to 24”-27” standard size.


I can’t thank you enough as of all the Rottweilers I’ve had, Nelson, Max, Leah, Carla, Onyx and Kane I’ve never been so happy with the size and health of my dogs after listening to you as these two, Rio and Zeus are ENORMOUS!


My sincere thanks to you and your wife for everything and I will definitely be back in the future.

Alan Bishop

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